Recommended SIP Phones and ATAs

Your VoIP Settings allow you to use your netTALK Residential VoIP Phone Service with various types of SIP phones, software programs, or adapters. Below is a list of recommended devices.

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SIP Phones

Grandstream DP750
Long-range DECT Base Station + DP720 2-UNITS DECT HD Handset

Yealink W60P
Cordless DECT IP Phone and Base Station

Gigaset GIGASET-C530IP
Cordless Hybrid Expandable Phone for IP or Landline Calls

Analog Telephone Adapters (ATAs)

Grandstream GS-HT802
2 Port Analog Telephone Adapter VoIP Phone & Device, Black

Obihai OBi200
VoIP Adapter by Polycom

Cisco SPA112 2
Port Phone Adapter
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