Polycom Soundpoint 300, 600:

Log into your phone's configuration utility. Via your Phone's IP Address.

To get your phone's IP Address:
Press Menu -> Status -> Platform -> Phone.


Go to any browser equipped computer on your network and enter the address: http://<IP ADDRESS>/
(where <IP ADDRESS> is replaced by the address that was given to you in STEP 1).



Click on the "Registration" tab. Under "Registration 1" modify the following parameters:

Display Name: Enter your full name, Account Number or leave blank
Address: Account Number provided on CONNECT.
Auth User ID: Account Number provided on CONNECT
Auth Password: Account SIP Password provided on CONNECT
Label: Account Number provided on CONNECT

Server 1
Address sip.nettalk.com
Port 5060

SIP Configuration

STEP 4 (Optional)

Click on the "Core Conf." tab. Under "Audio Processing" modify your Codec Preferences as follows: (You may also set G.711u as First preference if you have issues with G.729AB)

G.711u Second
G.711A Not Used
G.729AB First

Optional Codec Configuarion
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