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APN Settings for your Cellular Phone

ANDROID APN & data settings:

From any Home screen, tap Apps.
Tap Settings.
Scroll to 'NETWORK CONNECTIONS,' then tap More networks.
Tap Mobile networks.
Tap Access Point Names.
To reset your APN, tap the Menu icon and then tap Reset to default.
If available, tap the T-Mobile US LTE APN (the bullet point fills with green).
To verify your APN, tap T-Mobile US LTE with the bullet point filled with green.
Verify and update the following settings for the Data APN:Name: T-Mobile US LTEAPN: fast.t-mobile.comProxy: <Not set>Port: <Not set>Username: <Not set>Password: <Not set>Server: <Not set>MMSC: message proxy: <Not set>Multimedia message port: <Not set>MCC: 310MNC: 260Authentication type: NoneAPN type: default, mms, suplAPN protocol: IPv6APN roaming protocol: IPv4Turn APN on/off: APN turned onBearer: UnspecifiedMobile virtual network operator type: NoneMobile virtual network operator value: <Not set>
Tap the Menu key in the top right.
Tap Save.
Tap the desired APN profile you want to use. The bullet point fills with green next to the APN profile.

Apple iOS APN & data settings:

iOS 9

You are unable to edit APN settings in iOS 9. To ensure you have the correct settings, reset your network settings.

iOS 8

From the main menu, tap Settings > Cellular.
Check that Cellular Data is turned on.
Tap Cellular Data Network. If this setting does not appear on the device, the device is not unlocked. Refer customer to previous carrier.
Enter the following information under the Cellular Data section:APN: fast.t-mobile.comUsername: <Leave Blank>Password: <Leave Blank>
Enter the following information under the LTE Setup (Optional) section:APN: <Leave Blank>Username: <Leave Blank>Password: <Leave Blank>
Enter the following information under the MMS section.APN: fast.t-mobile.comUsername: <Leave Blank>Password: <Leave Blank>MMSC: Proxy: <Leave Blank>MMS Max Message Size: 1048576MMS UA Prof URL:
Enter the following information under the Personal Hotspot section:APN: pcweb.tmobile.comUsername: <Leave Blank>Password: <Leave Blank>
Press the Home button to save the APN and exit to the main screen.
Turn the device off and back on.

Updated on: 03/14/2019

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