If you encounter an issue with incoming calls where you are getting the message "The nettalk number is currently unavailable" it might be due to an incorrect setup on your Call Forwarding. Please note that when this issues occurs you will specifically hear "The Nettalk number" in the spoken error as opposed to another similar message saying the number is not available.

You can access your Call Forwarding settings by visiting your Connect Portal at https://nettalkconnect.com/login

Once logged in, click on the DUO device that is giving you an issue by selecting "Manage".

You will see on the left a series of Tabs with your Account options, please select the final tab, "More options".

This will take you to a new page where you can manage extra features, including Call Forwarding under "Phone Numbers".

When accessing your call forwarding options you will notice the Nettalk number listed by default as Priority "1". This option cannot be changed as this is the priority of your DUO device.

When adding a new destination to your call forwarding line make sure to always set priority as "2" (or higher depending if additional forward numbers exist) and add a "1" in front of the number + include the area code. An example of this would be if a number is 305-555-555 then it should be listed as: 13055555555.

*Please note that other traditional VOIP provider numbers still count as normal lines so when selecting VOIP YES or NO in the forwarding options the correct choice is "No" in over 99% of cases.*

Correctly configuring your Call Forwarding settings usually resolves this Incoming Call issue.

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