We have been very busy building our Next Generation System for our netTALK DUO residential phone service. But before we switch all our current netTALK DUO customers to the Next Generation System, we are giving exclusive access for customers to give it a try. 

Your feedback will be very important to us as we continue to improve our residential phone service.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Early Access Program?
The Early Access Program was created to find netTALK customers who are interested in testing and providing feedback on new netTALK products, services, and features before they are released to the public. The feedback will be used to improve our netTALK system. In this round of testing, netTALK Users in the Early Access Program will be testing our new Next Generation Calling System.

Do I have to pay anything?
If you purchase a Wireless service from us the DUO is free. You can also purchase the DUO outright from www.nettalk.com/shop (USA) or www.nettalk.ca/shop (CA) for a discounted price. If you decide you like the Next Generation System then you can purchase a renewal if you want.

What are the advantages of the Next Generation System?
The Next Generation System will have improved reliability and dependability, improved call quality and clarity, less dropped calls, faster routing and connections, more features, improved stability, better software, better hardware, and more.

How should I use the DUO?
Use the DUO as your primary or second line: receiving calls, making calls, talking on a long call, calling at peak hours, calling at off-peak hours, making international calls (TALK credit not included), voicemail, call blocking, call forwarding, spam call settings, and more.

What if I want to transfer my current DUO account and phone number to this free DUO?
Only the pre-configured DUOs will work on the Next Generation System. Eventually, all current DUO accounts will be transferred to the Next Generation System.

Can I replace my current DUO with this free DUO?
No, this DUO is pre-configured to only work on the Next Generation System.

Can I transfer the 3 free months of this free DUO to my current DUO?
No. The 3 free months are exclusively for the Next Generation System.

Can I get a Canadian phone number for this free DUO?
No. Only U.S. phone numbers will be available during the Early Access Program.

Will all the feature of my current DUO work on this system?
Eventually all features will be working on the next-gen platform but you may find that some features are not available yet. You will also notice new features that are not available in the current system. 

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