Please note - make sure your service is in good standing with the phone company that has your phone number. Do not cancel you phone service until your phone number is successfully transferred to netTALK.

How long does the porting process usually take?
The number transfer takes up to 30 days from the time you complete the Number Porting Authorization (NPA). If there are any issues, netTALK will email you or call you on the contact information you have on file. Note: Delays in the porting process can be due to:

  1. Pending orders with your current phone company

2. Adding new features with your current phone company

3. Pending charges with your current phone company

4. Number Porting Authorization (NPA) information mismatched - must match exactly or your current provider will deny the request to transfer your number out.

5. You are overdue with a payment to your current phone company

6. Your account with your current phone company is not in good standing


netTALK customers pay a one-time fee of $19.95 to port US phone numbers & 

 a one time fee of $29.95 for CA phone numbers.

All pricing in USD


Coverage is subject to change based on current carrier availability. If you find your number is not portable on the website tool please confirm with our support team to make sure as sometimes number porting eligibility is added on to new rate centers.

How do I check the status of my transfer?


From your Connect Portal, manage your device and select "More Options". This will open a new page with additional options, please select “Phone Numbers” and then “Port Number to netTALK.” A message will be posted in regards to the current status of your transfer.



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